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A ne pas confondre avec The Shop, un étage en Mode Greed.

Locked Door.png

Le magasin vends divers objets contre des pièces. Le magasin commence au niveau 0, et peut être amélioré à travers la Machine de Don, qui se trouve dans le magasin et parfois dans Salle d'Arcade, caveau, Marché Noir, et quelques rares disposition de salles. Chaque montée de niveau améliore le fond du magasin et le nombre d'objets disponibles.

Niveau    Pièces
0 0 2 consommables
1 20 2 consommables et 1 objet
2 100 3 consommables et 1 objet
3 200 3-4 consommables et 1-2 objet(s) (toujours 5 au total)
4 600 4-5 consommables et 1-2 objet(s) (toujours 6 au total)

Marchandise[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Notes[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Using a Credit Card in the shop will make all items available for free. However, it will also disable the effect granted by Restock in the store you use it in.
  • Having the trinket Store Credit will cause all items to be available for $0, but will be consumed upon making a purchase.
  • DLC.png If the Store Credit effect is gained through the Error Trinket it will not be consumed, this can be combined with Restock to break the game.
  • Using the Rune of Jera creates a free copy of all pickups, even if you haven't purchased them.
    • DLC.pngDiplopia will do the same thing, but with pedestal items as well.
  • Usually, you must use a key to open the shop, but The Hermit card, "Curse of the Maze", Dad's Key, and DLC.png Store Key can allow you to enter without using a key.
  • The shop's door is identical to the Library, and if you have no items that make it otherwise, their symbols in the minimap will also be the same. The shop can never spawn next to the starting room of the floor (except for Basement I/Cellar I) so it is a good way to tell if it is a library or not.
  • Shops also have a chance of being replaced by a miniboss room containing Greed or Super Greed. DLC.png Rib Of Greed will remove this risk.
  • DLC.png Acquiring two Steam Sales will result in all items in the shop being free. This can be combined with Restock to enable infinite purchases. Further combining this with Chaos will allow the player to exhaust a lot of item pools until Breakfast is the only thing that appears back in the shop.
  • DLC.png Restock will cause stores to spawn new items after a purchase.
  • If the High Priestess card is used in a room with a dead shopkeeper, the foot will target it and stomp on it.
  • DLC.png There is a small chance when you bomb the Shopkeeper that they can turn into Greed and start attacking you.

Greed Mode DLC.png[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

In Greed Mode, the shop is twice as wide as usual and doesn't require a key to enter. It always contains a key, a red heart, an item from the Greed Mode Shop Pool, an item from the Greed Mode Boss Pool, and two random pickups, trinkets, or items from the Greed Mode Treasure Room Pool.

SmallIsaac.png Salles SmallIsaac.png

Boss Room Icon.png
Salle du Boss
Mini-Boss Room Icon.png
Salle du Mini-Boss
Treasure Room Icon.png
Salle au Trésor
Shop Icon.png
Arcade Icon.png
Salle d'Arcade
Challenge Room Icon.png
Salle du Défi
Boss Challenge Room Icon.png
Salle du Défi de Boss
Curse Room Icon.png
Salle Maudite
Sacrifice Room Icon.png
Salle du Sacrifice
Secret Room Icon.png
Salle Secrète
Super Secret Room Icon.png
Salle Super Secrète
Library Icon.png
Item Pool Devil Room.png
Salle du Diable
Angel Room Icon.png
Salle de l'Ange
Vault Icon.png
Dice Room Icon.png
Salle du Dé
Bedroom Icon.png Bedroom2 Icon.png
I AM ERROR Text Icon.png
Boss Rush Door.png
Boss Rush
Secret Trap Door.png
Passage Étroit
Secret Trap Door.png
Marché Noir
Super Secret Room Icon.png