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Mom's Knife est un objet spécial passif déblocable.

Effets[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Les larmes du joueur sont remplacées par un couteau pouvant transpercer les ennemies et passer a travers les obstacles. Maintenir le bouton de tir augmente sa portée et sa puissance.
  • Le couteau peut toucher les ennemies pendant que le joueur le tient.
  • DLC.png Cet objet appartient à l'ensemble de la transformation en Mom. Collecter trois objets de cet ensemble transforme Isaac en Mom.

Notes[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Le couteau peut être tenu et tiré en diagonale. Tirer le couteau en diagonale nécessite une parfaite coordination des touches.

Synergies[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Brimstone - Firing the knife also shoots a barrage of knives that goes across the screen. The longer the charge, the more knives are added. The knives that are shot do 60% less damage than the standard 2x damage of the unthrown knife. (ex. base 3.5 damage does 7.0 unthrown, while the brimstone-knives do 2.8). This effect does not work with Azazel's default mini brimstone. The brimstone-knives do not benefit from A Lump Of Coal.
  • Chocolate Milk - Damage is increased relative to the amount the knife is charged. Knife will also be colored brown.
  • DLC.png Continuum: The knife can now travel through walls and appear out of the opposite wall but will still have the boomerang effect.
  • Epic Fetus - Pas d’effet.
    • DLC.png Each explosion shoots 10 knives in a circle from the point of impact.
  • Eve's Mascara - Damage is heavily increased. However the knife takes longer to charge.
  • Fire Mind - Still applies burning but no longer explodes.
  • Gnawed Leaf - The held knife can damage enemies while Isaac is invincible.
  • Godhead - The knife homes in on enemies, but it does not gain a damaging halo.
  • Guppy transformation: Knife hits will rarely spawn an attack fly.
  • Homing Tears - Knives home in on enemies and colors the knife purple. It will stick on enemies for a second and make small lunges towards other enemies.
  • Ipecac - Knife turns green and may poison monsters that hit it.
  • Loki's Horns - Four knives appear around Isaac and shoot out in each cardinal direction from Issac periodically. Just like Mom's Eye, this item is affected by luck.
  • Lost Contact - The knife will block bullets, even when held. Furthermore, the knife will not vanish after canceling a bullet, and therefore can cancel out several bullets at once while being shot or held.
  • Mom's Eye - Two knives appear around Isaac and shoot in front and in the back of Isaac. This is affected by luck; the higher Isaac's luck is, the higher the chance the other knives will fire as well. The knives can also be used as melee weapons and will spin around Isaac as he turns around.
  • Monstro's Lung - DLC.png Fires a cluster of knives.
  • Mutant Spider - Isaac shoots four knives. However, the attack seems to charge much slower.
  • My Reflection - No effect.
  • Proptosis - Knives gain an extreme damage boost and do not shrink as they're supposed to.
  • Strange Attractor - Enemies and pickups are attracted to the knife, even when not charging or firing.
  • Tammy's Head - Fires 10 knives in a circle around Isaac, dealing massive damage.
  • Tech.5: Both fire normally.
  • DLC.png Tech X: Both fire normally.
  • Technology 2 - While charging Mom's Knife, Technology 2 will still fire, dealing significant damage.
  • Poison Tears - Knives gain a chance to poison enemies.
  • The Inner Eye - Isaac fires three knives instead of one that fan outwards. This also increases the charge time substantially.
  • The Ludovico Technique - Isaac controls a floating knife. Damage is greatly reduced.
  • DLC.png The Wiz - Grants two knives that fire diagonally.
  • Trinity Shield - Blocks bullets in the direction the knife is held, giving enough protection to walk up to and melee enemies, or just to safely shoot the knife.
  • Unicorn Stump and other invincibility items - Even though the knife cannot be fired, the knife will deal damage while Isaac is invincible.

Interactions[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Anti-Gravity: Overridden by Mom's Knife.
  • A Lump Of Coal - Gives no damage boost but colors the knife dark brown.
    • DLC.png Increases damage depending on how far away from Isaac the knife is.
  • Cricket's Body: Greatly reduces Mom's Knife range.
  • Piercing Tears: No effect.
  • Cursed Eye: Overridden by Mom's Knife.
  • Dead Onion: No effect.
  • Death's Touch: Increased damage and decreased tear rate. No scythe visual effect.
  • Dr. Fetus: Overridden by Mom's Knife.
    • DLC.png Both the knife and the bombs fire normally.
  • DLC.png Explosivo: Overridden by Mom's Knife.
  • DLC.png Holy Light!: No effect.
  • DLC.png Marked: No effect.
  • Monstro's Lung: Overridden by Mom's Knife.
    • DLC.png Firing a knife causes several other knives to shoot out at random directions.
  • Mysterious Liquid: Overridden by Mom's Knife.
  • Number One: Greatly reduces Mom's Knife range.
  • Rubber Cement: Overridden by Mom's Knife.
  • Scorpio: Overridden by Mom's Knife.
  • Soy Milk: Damage drastically reduced at the benefit of a slightly better fire rate.
  • Technology: Overridden by Mom's Knife.
    • DLC.png Both the knife and the laser fire normally.
  • The Parasite: Overridden by Mom's Knife.
  • Tiny Planet: Knives go in a spiral around Isaac; the longer the knife is charged, the bigger the spiral. Not recommended, as this makes Mom's Knife almost impossible to aim.
  • DLC.png Tractor Beam: When Isaac changes direction, the knife snaps into the direction Isaac is facing.

En Jeu[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Trivia[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • DLC.png This item is used in Challenge #26 (I RULE!).

Graines[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

 PC  DVNV YV9Y (Treasure room adjacent to spawn) DLC.png

Note: These seeds no longer work in Afterbirth DLC.png

 PC  JW43 H8EK (Salle du Trésor adjacente à la Salle d'apparition)

 PC  1M9E Y1G1 (Salle du Trésor adjacente à la Salle d'apparition)

 PC  P8SE A9JW (Salle du Trésor adjacente à la Salle d'apparition)

 PS4  S63T 434W (Salle du Trésor adjacente à la Salle d'apparition)

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