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Placebo est un objet activable ajouté dans Afterbirth.

Effect[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Imite l'effet de la pilule actuellement tenue par Isaac, à la manière de Blank Card pour les cartes ou runes.
    • Ne consomme pas la pillule tenue.
    • Ne fonctionne pas avec les cartes ou les runes.

Synergies[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • 48 Hour Energy: Can be used to generate infinite batteries.
  • Balls Of Steel: Grants 2 soul hearts (like the Blank Card + The Hierophant synergy, except it adds them to your life rather than spawning them).
  • Little Baggy: Allows Isaac to hold one more pill than usual, giving the player a choice between two pill effects to copy.
  • Mom's Bottle of Pills: Allows Isaac to access different pills more quickly, but is only useful for the floor on which both items have been found.
  • Virgo: Pills will only have positive or neutral effects on Isaac.
  • PHD: Pills will only have positive or neutral effects on Isaac.
  • Power Pill: Works as a 4-room recharge version of The Gamekid.
  • Stat-increasing pills:
    • Range up: Increases range by 2.5 each use. With enough range, tears are fired high enough to travel over obstacles.
    • Luck up: Increases luck by 1. With enough luck, this makes tear effects like Loki's Horns or Mom's Contacts certain or very likely to happen.
      • This can actually have a negative effect on the game's randomness, as some Luck-based events are bugged, so an extremely high Luck stat renders them impossible to activate.

Interactions[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Ingame Footage[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

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