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Ajouté dans Afterbirth †
Numéro de challenge
Isaac App.png
HUD heart red full.pngHUD heart red full.pngHUD heart red full.png
Objets de départ
Cupid's Arrow
Rubber Cement
Salles disponibles
Item Pool Treasure Room.png: non          Item Pool Shop.png: oui
Débloqué par

Pong est le Challenge #35. Vous commencez avec Rubber Cement et Cupid's Arrow. Les dégâts sont fixés à 100, la cadence de tir à 150. Votre objectif est de battre ??? dans The Chest.

Difficulté[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Les importants dégâts de départ rendent la partie plutôt facile, même si vous devez garder en tête que, du fait de la grande cadence de tir, on ne peut tirer des larmes que toutes les 5 secondes.

Soyez sûr de prendre The Polaroid après avoir vaincu Mom. Si vous prenez The Negative, vous ne pourrez pas atteindre The Chest après Cathedral, et donc vous ne pourrez pas combattre ??? et compléter le challenge.

Strategy[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Keeping Cupid's Arrow in mind, you want to try to hit as many enemies with your initial shot as possible since you can't control your tear in midair, nor shoot any more tears, until the current one is depleted.
  • Before entering the next room, make sure that your current tear is no longer flying, since you may not be able to shoot a tear as soon as you enter the new room.
  • You don't really need to take any damage ups, so if you have the choice, pick speed or Health ups.
  • All items that generate flies are extremely useful, due to fixed high damage.
  • Sacrifice Rooms can be used to skip to the Dark Room. Beating The Lamb there will count as clearing the challenge.

Good items[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Shoop Da Whoop! is a valuable item since its damage scales with Isaac's damage, one-shotting most bosses.
  • Tammy's Head, Tear Detonator, and Sad Bombs are very valuable as the storm of giant bouncing tears can clear any room (even bosses) in a few seconds.
  • Mutant Spider and The Inner Eye also provide a big help since tear delay is fixed.
  • Libra is a very valuable item, as it will balance all of your stats out, even the stats fixed by the challenge, giving you very high and balanced stats, making the challenge effectively trivial.
  • Fate's Reward will fire the same high-damage tears at a faster rate than Isaac.
    • Similarly, Incubus is a very powerful item as it fires an exact copy of your tear essentially doubling your already high damage. Combine this with BFFS! for that tear to become even larger.
  • Chocolate Milk is an extremely powerful item that will allow you to quickly fire small but powerful tears, or charge up to fire a room size tear that will rapidly bounce off all enemies in the room.
  • Technology 2 will allow you to fire a very high damage laser without the drawback of the low tear rate.
  • Succubus is an extremely potent room clearer, since it scales with Isaac's damage.
  • Varicose Veins helps when getting hit, as it will trigger the Tammy's Head effect each time.
  • Finger! scales with your high starting damage, making this item a perfect primary weapon.
  • Ouroboros Worm can make this run trivial as the tear's high speed and travel rate can have it cover the entire room before it bursts.
  • Items that give you flies or spiders like Guppy's Head will be able to near instantly kill bosses and clear rooms very fast, as flies do two times your damage.
  • Eye of Belial grants homing and piercing tears after hitting one enemy. This makes the run very easy.
  • Multidimensional Baby allows you to double your tears, which can clear rooms very easily.
  • Godhead will cover a large portion of the room with its damaging aura. When combined with another item like Ouroboros Worm that speeds up the tear, the entire room may be cleared immediately.
  • Maw of the Void can eliminate entire rooms in one go if you charge up your circle attack.
  • The Boomerang will deal double Isaac's damage, for a total of 300 damage, and it recharges in 4 seconds.
  • Magic Fingers can clear rooms in one go, as it scales with Isaac's damage.

Bad items[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Mom's Knife should be avoided; despite enormous damage, it will take lots of time to charge for any meaningful distance, so you will be essentially reduced to melee range.
    • Monstro's Lung should also be avoided. The charge-up will take a very long time, and the tears will no longer bounce.
    • Similarly, Brimstone, Tech X
  • Ipecac should also be avoided. The tears will not bounce anymore, and due to the great height of the tears, these will pass over the enemies, being very difficult to hit.
  • Technology should also be avoided, as the delay between lasers will become very long, and the lasers do not bounce.

Notes[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Items that increase damage or tears won't affect Isaac's stats.
  • Items that adjust tear range will cause tears to be recalculated: more range means slower fire rate, and vice versa.
  • Defeating Delirium will also clear the challenge.

Reward[modifier | modifier le wikicode]


Trivia[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • The challenge's name is a reference to the game Pong.

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