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Rainbow Baby

De Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki
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Rainbow Baby is a passive item.

Effect[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Spawns a familiar that follows Isaac around and fires tears with random effects of other familiars.

Notes[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • The type of tear is randomized with each familiar shot.

Ingame Footage[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Trivia[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Ajouté dans Afterbirth This item is used in Challenge #28 (PRIDE DAY!).

Graines[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

 PC  138Q QN30 (Treasure room adjacent to the starting room)

 PC  Q0AL BV91 (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

 PS4  JJA0 JQC0 (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)