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Solar System is Challenge #6. You start off with Distant Admiration, Forever Alone and Halo Of Flies, and Transcendence. You will also be unable to use tears. Your goal is to defeat Mom's Heart. This Challenge is available once you unlock Transcendence.

Difficulty[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

You start the challenge Blindfolded. You cannot use tears.
Your only means of attacking are the two attack flies and bombs, while the two orbiting flies provide projectile defense.

Strategy[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Because you start with 3 Fly items, you also gain the Lord of the Flies bonus. This turns all enemies flies into friendly Blue Flies. On higher levels, you can amass quite a lot of them.
  • Your orbiting attack flies can be quite powerful, especially the red one. This will require maneuvering into position to deal damage, however, and they are constantly moving. Be prepared to tag your enemies and retreat so you don't take damage.
  • Shops can carry BFFS! and Hive Mind; the former affects the damage of your orbiting attack flies and the latter affects the damage of the blue flies spawned from Lord of the Flies. Broken Watch and Stop Watch are good items to buy as well, since they slow enemies down.
  • Obtaining Gnawed Leaf makes the challenge trivial as you can deal damage with orbitals while being invulnerable yourself. Obtaining it is highly unlikely however, since there are no Treasure Rooms present.
  • Obtaining Ball Of Bandages or Cube Of Meat is helpful as it adds a third close range orbital to protect you from three directions, and obtaining Book of Revelations makes them easier to find.
  • Avoid any items or dungeon features that shuffle your inventory, such as the D4 or Dice Rooms with 1 or 6 pips. It is possible to get stuck with no method of attack if too many of your items reroll into shooting based items. You can also be stuck with methods of attack that require you to put yourself into more danger than the attack flies you start with. You may have no alternative than to abandon your run.
  • Obtaining the Rune of Algiz, Chaos Card or The Bible can be really handy in killing Mom and Mom's Heart/It Lives!.
  • Devil Room deals such as Brimstone or Mom's Knife will be ineffective.
  • The Boomerang is a useful purchase from the shop as it has a chance to freeze enemies, allowing you to safely use your attack flies against them for the duration of the freeze.
  • Transcendence and other flight items are useless in this challenge, because the Lord Of The Flies transformation grants flight.
  • Obtaining Bob's Brain can be handy for disposing bosses. If used carefully, its damage and poison effect can make bosses much easier. It also adds the ability to break poop or golden poop to gain health, coins or bombs.
  • DLC.pngBlack Powder is helpful for damaging non-flying enemies and bosses.

Reward[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Completing this challenge unlocks the Rune of Perthro, which rerolls any treasures on the screen, like the The D6.

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