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Trinity Shield is a passive item.

Effects[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Isaac uses a shield to block shots.
  • The shield stays in the same direction until Isaac fires in another direction.

Notes[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • The shield can't block beams or explosions.
  • The shield can be held in any direction if you're using a joystick.
  • Ajouté dans AfterbirthThe shield can't block Ultra Greed's shots.

Interactions[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Notched Axe: While using this item, the shield stays in place. It returns when the effect ends.
  • Ajouté dans Afterbirth Maw Of The Void: Trinity shield briefly stays fixed in place during the start of the effect.

Note: The following interactions are purely cosmetic and do not otherwise affect the shield.

Ingame Footage[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Trivia[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Graines[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

 XboxOne  N76L FT4J (Caves I Angel Room)

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