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Texte original "Just hope you're not next..."
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Death's List is a passive item added in Booster Pack #4.


  • Upon entering a room, a skull appears over a random enemy's head.
    • Killing the marked enemy will cause the skull to move to a different enemy.
    • If all enemies in the room are cleared in the order they are marked, Isaac gains a random reward as follows:
    • A soul heart, a pill, a key, a bomb or a nickel.
    • +0.2 speed, +0.5 range, +0.5 tears, +0.2 shot speed, +1 flat damage or +1 luck.
    • If a non-marked enemy is killed, the skull will disappear and no bonuses will be granted for that room.


  • If a reward stat is chosen that is already at maximum, the sound effect and Isaac's thumbs up animation will play but there is no other effect.
  • Bosses may also be marked.
  • Multisegmented bosses such as Pin and The Hollow may be difficult or impossible to kill in the correct order, as each segment is marked individually.
  • A room with no enemies but instead buttons to press to open the doors can also give a reward when cleared.
  • If a Portal is marked and despawns, no other enemy will be marked and the bonus is lost.
  • Enemies will not be marked in Challenge Rooms or the Boss Rush.
  • Angels from bombed Angel Statues will not be marked.

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