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Haemolacria is a passive item added in Booster Pack #4.


  • Tears are now fired in an arc. Upon hitting the floor, an obstacle, or an enemy, they burst into many smaller tears in all directions.
  • Increases tear delay, cutting fire rate roughly in 1/3.
  • Isaac's base damage is not affected, but the main tears deal about 30% extra damage.
    • The scattered tears deal random damage that is around 50-80% of the main tear.


  • Anti-Gravity: If a fire button is held down when a Haemolacria tear bursts, the burst tears will hover in place before being fired outwards.
  • Cursed Eye: Overridden by Haemolacria.
  • Epic Fetus: Overridden by Haemolacria.
  • Ipecac: Fires a large explosive shot that releases more explosive shots in all directions upon bursting. Once Isaac's damage stat is updated next time, Ipecac's +40 damage bonus becomes only +4.
  • The Ludovico Technique: Overridden by Haemolacria.
  • Rubber Cement: Tears will burst only when they hit the floor, not on walls or enemies.
  • Sinus Infection: If the main tear is a booger, it will get stuck and not burst on hitting an enemy, dealing its heightened damage. Split tears have an independent chance of being booger tears.
  • Tech X: Overridden by Haemolacria.
  • Technology: Fires arcing tears that release Technology lasers upon bursting.


  • Brimstone: Significantly increased tear delay. Isaac fires a large arcing tear with the Brimstone symbol on it that fires several Brimstone beams in random directions upon bursting.
  • Dr. Fetus: Significantly increased tear delay. Isaac fires a large arcing tear reminiscent of a bomb that scatters into 3-5 bombs that explode simultaneously.
  • Cricket's Body: A single tear can scatter massive amounts of smaller tears across the room.
  • Holy Light: The main tear can be a holy tear and bursts normally in addition to the light beam. Split tears have an independent chance of being holy tears.
  • Mom's Knife: Both the knife and Haemolacria tears function at the same time.


  • Haemolacria is based on this Steam Workshop item by HiHowAreYou, themed around water balloons.
  • The item is a reference to the rare condition with the same name, that causes people to produce tears that are composed of blood.