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Texte original "Feed them!"
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Lachryphagy is a passive item added in Booster Pack #4.


  • Isaac's tears decelerate as they travel. Upon stopping or hitting an obstacle, they burst into 8 tears in all directions.
    • Hitting an enemy will not cause them to burst.
  • Tears can be fired into other tears to feed them, increasing their damage and the damage of the burst tears.
    • If one tear is fed 5 other tears, it will immediately burst.
    • The tears will have their damage added together, with the first consumed tear giving additional damage.
    • Tears in the burst will deal half the damage the main tear would have.


  • Brimstone: Lachryphagy does not affect regular Brimstone beams, but tears from other sources such as Isaac's Tears will burst into 8 Brimstone beams.
  • Dr. Fetus: Overrides Lachryphagy.
  • Epic Fetus: Overrides Lachryphagy.
  • The Ludovico Technique: Overrides Lachryphagy.
  • Monstro's Lung: The tears clump together soon after firing. This leads them to occasionally disappearing entirely, immediately hitting an enemy for massive damage or bursting with almost as high damage.
  • Pop!: Tears behave erratically, with freshly fired tears usually behaving like Lachryphagy and burst tears like Pop!.
  • Proptosis: The tears most of the time fade out quicker than they can burst.
  • Tech X: Overrides Lachryphagy.
  • Technology: Overrides Lachryphagy.


  • 20/20 / The Inner Eye / Mutant Spider: Tears tend to clump together soon after firing for high damage shots. It may take more than 5 tears in total to cause a burst.
  • Rubber Cement: Tears will damage and bounce off enemies normally and burst afterwards.

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