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Mom's Heart
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The Womb or Utero
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Mom's Heart est le boss final dans The Womb II, Scarred Womb II, ou Utero II, avant que It Lives ne soit déverrouillé. Mom's Heart cannot be continued past unless a Devil Room or an Angel Room appears, which allow you to go to Sheol or The Cathedral, respectively. Après avoir été tué 11 fois, Mom's Heart est remplacé de façon permanente par It Lives. Tuer Mom's Heart ne donne aucun objet à part des coeurs.


Mom's Heart agit très différemment de l'original de Binding of Isaac.

Il utilise différents types d'attaques, qui dépendent du niveau d'énergie restant de sa barre de vie . La plupart de ces attaques sont des flux de larmes de sang traversant la salle, qui peuvent être difficiles à esquiver. These orbs range from several orbs released in every direction while slowly rotating, to a fast moving line of projectiles released in four directions rotating moderately fast.

Mom's Heart also has an attack that shoots blood tears rapidly when she's ~40% lower on HP. Mom's Heart will also occasionally retreat upwards and launch blood shots diagonally forward in a spread, at which point it cannot be harmed and it will spawn various enemies, including but not limited to Globin, Suckers and Walking Red Hosts. It should be noted all of her attacks hurt her own minions.

After losing a significant amount of health (about 90%), Mom's Heart will stop spawning enemies and will begin to shoot four rotating Brimstone lasers. At the very top of the boss room is a small area where walking into it counts as though Isaac walked into the heart.

Upon defeat Mom's Heart fires a single ring of tears.


  • Utiliser The Bible contre Mom's Heart le tuera instantanément.

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  • The music that plays during this fight is titled Ventricide [1]. Ventricide is a made-up word formed from the word ventricle (one of the two larger chambers of the heart) and the suffix -cide, which denotes an act of killing. This theme is used in other tracks, such as Matricide, Hericide, and Infanticide.


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