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DLC.pngNo. 2 est un objet passif.


  • Continuously firing or charging tears for 3 seconds causes Isaac to drop a Butt Bomb. Only 1 Butt Bomb can be dropped per charging cycle, so you'll need to stop firing and then charge again to drop another Butt Bomb. Taking Damage will interrupt the cycle.
  • Butt Bombs explode for 50 damage like normal bombs, but also deal 10 damage to all enemies in the room and daze them for a short period of time.
  • Essentially grants unlimited bombs, as you can just reset the charge time over and over to bomb tinted rocks and to get into Secret and Super Secret Rooms.


  • Bobby-Bomb - Butt bombs will home in on enemies.
  • Marked - Holding the fire key to move the crosshairs for 3 seconds drops a butt bomb.
  • Sad Bombs - Butt bombs will also shoot 10 tears off in every direction.


  • Increases difficulty of poop-themed bosses such as Dingle, as the Butt Bomb restore the boss' hp when they explode.

Ingame Footage


 PC  DLC.png 1A8Z 43DC (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)


  • Number Two is a euphemism for defecation.

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